Can I pay for the C3 license with money from my seller account? Russia

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  • I have £34 in my account and £43 has not passed 60 days yet. Can I pay for a license for Russia with this money now or later?


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  • I think it is best you contact Scirra directly. Russian colleagues of mine (working here in Europe) cannot send any money to their families in Russia because of those sanctions. Some of them, make money transfer over China but I have no idea how they do it. Your transaction will go in the other direction.

    Despite the fact this is very unfair, we as citizens can't do anything about it.

    Therefore, I think your best option is to contact Scirra and explain your problem. It is very regretfully, that those innocent people also get affected by those sanctions.

    Hope you can solve your problem and buy your license.


  • Yes contact Scirra rather than posting here.

    Otherwise you'll get more information than you really care about:

  • Was it really necessary to post such a hate message? Please, be professional or just keep quiet. Let's respect each other!

  • No hate, just disappointment.

  • The guy is asking about the 60 days cashout rule. This rule is for everyone, nothing related to russia.

    Before a sale can be cashed out in your seller account, you must wait 60 days until these profits are available to cashout

  • Usually, the scirra team quickly answers all questions here. But I can also contact to email. I don't want to cash out money from my seller account. I would like to direct this money directly to scirra and thus purchase a license) If, of course, this is possible. Because I don't know any more options on how to buy a license

  • construct doesn't have such feature to use store earned money to spend in store or buy license. I suggested this as a feature years ago. Because I wanted to spend my earned money from Construct store in Construct Store but they said its very hard for them to implement such feature.

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