Can Pathfinding Still Work With Collisions Disabled?

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  • This is simply a verification post seeking to ensure I'm not undoing what I'm trying to put together while ALSO trying to save on the demands on the CPU/GPU.

    The goal is that any objects not on screen should be set to invisible and their collision detection properties disabled. That way C3 isn't constantly checking them all the time - because this game is going to have A LOT OF OBJECTS in the layout. And since I have an $800 laptop that still seems to lag or "skip" I'm concerned that lower-end computers compared to mine may fair worse. At any rate, I figured it's a good practice to attempt.

    Question is, I have some enemies that use Pathfinding behavior and seek to avoid several of the objects I do have (or will later have when I added the conditions) set as obstacles..... So will disabling collisions on these objects still be avoided by the enemies with Pathfinding?

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  • If you have already generated the obstacle map on start up and disable the collisions after this then it won't have any effect, it will think the obstacle is still there. If collisions are disabled at start up then it will never see it as an obstacle.

    However none of those events are necessary because Construct will not draw objects that are off screen. I would be more concerned about the high amount of objects.

  • Aaaah I see. Thank for the clarification. To further clarify, though, does the collision disabling also matter if the object off screen? I'll remove the "invisible" actions but would I benefit from leaving collision disable/enable actions?

  • Collision box may be included in the no rendering off screen, not sure, but regardless it sounds like it would have little to no effect.

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