An option to disable the spritesheet algorithm

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  • I've been trying to optimize the performance of my game for 3 months, but the algorithm to group the sprites does what it wants, wasting a lot of memory.

    It's a shame not to be able to use the 4096 sheets because the memory usage is too much.

    If you can't get a spritesheet editor, give the option to disable the algorithm, large projects would gain a lot of performance.

  • As of the latest releases you can set a spritesheet size of 512, which in practice does very little spritesheeting. Does that help?

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  • I did a test with the 512 sheets, increased the memory by 20 megabytes, and also the performance worse :(

  • That doesn't make any sense... reducing the spritesheet size increases memory management granularity ensuring it can avoid loading content it doesn't need. But yes, it can decrease performance as many more texture swaps are necessary. If this is what you get from reducing the spritesheet size, then the logical conclusion of that is that if spritesheets were disabled completely (effectively a spritesheet size of 0), then memory use will increase further (although this makes no sense...) and performance will reduce further. So that doesn't seem to solve the stated problem.

  • This is a small example.

    This spritesheet of 1024 would only have to be loaded in the introduction of the game (it is a comic in which the bullets appear).

    But at the bottom you can see a small explosion that appears in all levels.

    (Edited does not see the image)

  • Have you got objects correctly placed in your layouts? The way memory management works is it expects all objects that will be used on a layout to be placed on that layout in the editor. Then if you don't want them to be used on startup, add an event to destroy them on start of layout. This informs both the way objects are grouped on to spritesheets, and which objects are loaded in to memory at runtime when switching layouts.

    Also if you switch the spritesheet size down to 512, then even if that same problem happens, it's only 1/4 as bad.

  • Organize all my sprites and destroy some at the star, follow almost everything without changes.

    But change the sprites without animation and they only appear in some levels for Tile backgrounds, the performance is the same, but now the game needs 275 megabytes (before 480).

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