Open Local Project Folder is broken in multiple browsers

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  • I made a small empty project I saved as a project folder and C3 will open it fine in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and NWjs desktop release. But when I try to open my game as a local project folder, task manager shows it is loading things to memory until it hits about 800MB and then it drops back down to around 600MB and I assume just totally stops loading indefinitely because the CPU, RAM, and disk reading just stop having any activity as the loading box just keeps pointlessly making the progress bar that never works anyway just bounce like a ping pong ball. Is this because my project folder is 295MB and Construct 3 just is too limited to open a project that big as a project folder?

  • There's obviously no way I can file a bug report for this because to make a project file for this, I need to make it hundreds of megabytes large so this issue will reproduce.

  • They probably wouldn't want to download a huge file just for testing anyway.

    You can make up a test project that they can "overload", or a video of it happening.

    Then again if its a ram issue a vid may not be doable, and if its a browser issue they may not be able to do anything.

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  • I'm guessing loading a project folder in C3 works fine but fails if your project folder is large like mine and maybe Ashley only had a tiny project folder to test when C3 appeared to load project folders without fail.

    I doubt it's a browser issues because I don't think multiple different platforms would fail the exact same way.

  • Project folders are specifically designed for extra-large projects. As far as I'm aware they're working fine, and we have many users with projects hundreds of megabytes big who like to use that option.

  • Well then do you know any settings or anything that could interfere with it working?

    EDIT: I thought to check event viewer and every time I try to open a project folder, I'm getting an audit failure under security for C3 that just says "An account failed to log on."

  • Maybe this has something to do with it? When I try to save my actual game as a project folder it tells me I'm unable to save the project and check if I have permission at the chosen location which I don't know why I wouldn't and I ran it as administrator. I was just changing the project file to a zip file and extracting it.

  • Press F12 and check the browser console for any further error messages.

  • Looking at the console, it appeared to be giving an error because I tried to add a small EXE game to the project files as an easter egg and I realized browsers are probably specifically set up to prevent processing those in the way local folders work due to security issues and I can just include it still in a roundabout way even though it allowed me to save it as a project file and local storage without complaint.

    I removed this and then tried saving as a project folder and it worked despite taking 15 minutes or so, but the game still causes C3 to stall trying to load from a project folder and the console gives no indication of anything happening in relation to loading a project folder. I went through and systematically deleted objects, layouts, files, event sheets, etc. and it eventually would open the game if I had very little in the project at that point, but it seemed to be purely random as to whether C3 hangs or actually opens it. It seems to be more likely to open the project and not stall as the project has less content in it. I tested this trying to open the project multiple times in different states and there is no clear indicator of it not just being purely random as to loading the project or just stalling. I've tried to look to see if I have any malware or anything and moved NWjs C3 and my project to different hard drives to see if that makes a difference and it doesn't.

    Maybe it's something to do with I have 64-bit Windows 10 and Microsoft keeps seriously breaking it every update the past few years? So maybe they screwed up my computer where I just can't load the project like this? When I was forced to install the 2004 update, I kid you not, my computer couldn't boot up the first two times because of it.

  • I used Process Hacker 2 to view the files C3 is actually working with and it looks like it hangs after it's read the sounds folder and then went back to loading the images folder. Is there a maximum or minimum image size that I'm screwing up?

  • It's difficult to help without more information. We can see in our stats that opening project folders is used hundreds of times a day, and as far as I'm aware it's working fine for everyone else. This is why we ask that if you run in to problems to file an issue following the guidelines.

  • Yeah I would've reported it, but I can only get it to reproduce in my actual game that is hundreds of MB large and you guys probably won't find that helpful and maybe I did something wrong or have a Windows setting wrong.

    I've remembered in the past you've posted updates where it said projects could refuse to open if they named something like an object the same as an expression before you caught that and fixed it. I think maybe I've done that somewhere and just have too much stuff in the project now to be able to pinpoint it because I started this game long before you fixed that. I guess I can just wait and use the project folder functionality for my next game. Using local storage saves amazingly well without interrupting work flow, but I was just hoping to have NWjs capabilities available to me while developing since my game relies on them a lot.

    Well thanks for replying and stuff. You might still have inadvertently helped in the long run and C3 keeps meeting potential that it keeps having more of as you add stuff. Keep up the good work.

  • Hey, I wonder if you have any success with this issue?

    I have the exact same problem. My only progress concerning it is that I actually sent my large project to Scirra - and the most mind boggling thing of all is that they could not reproduce it. They say they open my project 10 out of 10 times - while I can open it maybe 1 out of 10 times.

  • Hey, I wonder if you have any success with this issue?

    I have the exact same problem. My only progress concerning it is that I actually sent my large project to Scirra - and the most mind boggling thing of all is that they could not reproduce it. They say they open my project 10 out of 10 times - while I can open it maybe 1 out of 10 times.

    I've not had any luck with it still. I just ended up using save to browser because it's way faster than saving to a project folder ever is. I think it's some PC related setting for the both of us and Scirra can't reproduce the issue because none of us really know what specifically causes it.

  • Yeah, though I tried my project on 10 + PCs, including a Mac...all to the same result.

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