So how does one fix the WebStorage issue?

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  • I'm using demos to learn more about Construct. One demo that I love gives me this error every time I open it:

    The runtime of this project cannot be changed to the Construct 3 runtime due to the following reasons:

    Plugin WebStorage (WebStorage) is not supported in C3 runtime

    The last time I had an issue like this someone told me to click on the event, press a key and suddenly the Function issue was fixed. But that was after trying to figure it out for 3 hours - so this time I thought I would ask before I spent hours trying to fix it.

    Are there some key strokes that instantly fix the WebStorage issue, like the Function issue?

    Thank you in advance.

  • It is retired in C3. You need to use Local storage plugin for save data.

  • ,

    Thank you, that much I got. But I'm wondering if there is a tap X and Y and it's fixed, like it has been with other issues. (Like this fix for the old C2 Functions: right click on function name and select "Replace with built-in function". It will fix everything for you automatically.)

  • There is no magic button. You need to manually replace WebStorage with LocalStorage. They aren't the same, so an automated mechanism doesn't work.

  • blackhornet

    Oh darn! I was hoping for a quick trick. Back to the drawing board.

    Thanks for the info.

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  • Perhaps you might want to look into the demos actually provided and up to date with Construct 3 ?

    This tutorial might be of help there :

  • Kyatric,

    I've never actually used C2. Unfortunately a lot of the demos that are found online are in C2 and some features aren't going to work in C3 soon. The popup warning that appears when I open this particular demo tells me that in July of 2021 the demo will no longer open in C3. There are going to be a lot of amazing demos online that won't work after July '21.

    I wish there were an easy way to update all the C2 demos before the product is no longer supported.

  • There are demo levels that come with Construct 3, you should be using them?

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