There is no "on collision with another object" condition for bullet

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  • I am working through the Beginner's guide to Construct 3, where the game Ghost Shooter is created. I've created objects and have set some events up. The bullet object has Bullet movement and Destroy outside layout set as behaviors, as the tutorial indicates.

    However, I am now trying to get the bullets to kill monsters, and when I try to add the "on collision with another object" condition, to the bullet event, which should be under Collisions- it is nowhere to be found. I see "collisions enabled" and "is overlapping at offset" and "is overlapping another object," and that is it.

    What am I doing wrong? thanks.

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  • Are you trying to add it as a sub event of another trigger event?

    Trigger conditions must be in their own top level events.

  • Oh my gosh. I didn't notice the indention. I was unintentionally doing just that.

    Thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it.

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