Official Multiplayer Plugin not working on Instant game on mobile devices.

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  • I making a realtime multiplayer Instant games.

    Everything seem fine when i testing on MacOS Chrome, using Facebook Messenger.

    But when test on mobile devices it not working.

    Its can create game, join room.

    But events, "On peer connected", on peer message, broadcast message,... seem not work.

    Host and client cannot communicate with each others.

    Hope Scirra can help, my game almost done, at 80-90%.


    Thank you.

  • Construct3 multiplayer games need a TURN server to work properly

    Here'S a tutorial

  • I'm using official Multiplayer signalling not a self setup.

    its still need a TURN server to work?


  • Without it, devices running on ipv6 (mobile devices) cannot connect to devices running ipv4 (Desktops and laptops) as well as sometimes the NAT pass-though just fails for no reason, because of firewalls or whatever stopping the signalling server from successfully establishing a connection between the players, what the TURN server does is serve as a relay whenever the multiplayer plugin is unable to establish a connection between players directly they instead connect to the relay server and send data through it solving all the issues mentioned above. IT's not related to using the official signalling or not.

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  • How did it go with this project? Did you manage to make a multiplayer instant game?

  • yeah, the same was in C2, this issue with devices on mobile internet (IPv4-IPv6) renders multiplayer plugin almost unusable. I tried to install and config a TURN server a while ago, but it was such a pain in the ass and it didn't work at the end, so the solution was a PHOTON server. I don't think there's a plugin for C3 though.

  • Just follow the tutorial and you don'T have to configure another TURN server ever again it will work for all your games for like 6-7 dollars a month on a cheap OVH linux machine

  • I was told by one person that the standard multiplayer plugin does not work on iOS. It's true?

  • no. Post must be at least 5 characters long.

  • Good evening, everybody. I also ran into the problem that devices running iOS can not connect to the room. By the number of feasts it is evident that the device first enters the room, but after 5 seconds it falls off. Also, the trigger "On peer connected" does not work.

    Who can help with this issue? I will be very grateful

    P.S. The question was decided by adding a public TURN server

  • I have the same problem. Has anyone solved this problem?

  • If you encounter any bugs you can report them here make sure you follow the guidelines

  • Thanks a lot for sharing the tutorial. Nevertheless, I have a question:

    + on the Aton's tutorial there is a moment where we should set the configuration file.










    My question is, by what do we need to change the server-name and the realm var? By the final url of the game or the adress of the Scierra's signalling server.

    Thanks a lot for your answer that I am sure will help a lot many of us :)

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