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  • This feature is so much bread and butter and third party plugin stopped working due to a new runtime. Why there's XML object and no JSON?

  • Vote for this suggestion to add your support.

  • already did :), gave it +3

  • I am almost done with a JsonManager add on that I have been working on and will be adding it to the repository very soon. So far I have made it to help me with the game I have been working on, but once it's out I am more than willing to add additional functionality to it.

    So far it allows you to :

    1) Load multiple json files at the same time triggering an event when all have been loaded.

    2) When loading, you specify a slot name to load each json file into.

    3) You can query the json using standard notation like slot1.prop1.arr[2].name

    4) You can loop over an array sub object in the json using a query to specify where the array is.

    5) You get and set values in the json while looping on the current element.

    6) The plugin has a caching option that allows changes that are made during program execution to persist when you run again. This however never modifies the json file itself.

    7) There are options to reset a slot so it goes back to its original Json object.

    8) Option to clear a slot and remove it from the manager.

    9) You can specify a path to a sub object and have it copied into a new slot.

    10) There is a function to create a C3 array string based on a query that locates the array.

    11) There is a function to create a c3 dictionary string based on a query that locates the object to convert.

    This all is working at the moment and I am putting together a test c3p file to demo the features.

    I posted in the SDK forum about this a week ago but haven't had any responses to it yet, so I wasn't sure if there was much interest or not.

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  • Cool, I'll try your plugin out and let you know, if there's anything.

  • Just to give a quick update. I think the Json plugin is about done. And I am finishing up the documentation for it, so hopefully I'll have it up in the next day or two. Error handling is a little on the weak side, but I'll enhance that soon.

    Also I only implemented this for the c2 run time at the moment, but I will look at adding the c3 runtime soon. I'll post again when it's up in the repository.

  • sweet!

  • I did just post the plug in. I'm sure it may need some more functionality, but it appears to be working correctly. Please look at the included example project for details of how to use it.

  • Ashley

    Why do you need user voting for the Key Functionality? JSON is a defacto standard for data description. It's something like tweening, which is still badly missing in C3.

  • Pretty much every suggestion has someone arguing that it's essential functionality. Unfortunately we are bound by the laws of physics, and there are only so many hours in a day.

  • Yeah, man I understand this, will not complain about C anymore :)

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