My observations of Construct 3 after first 2 weeks.

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  • I thought I'd take a minute to post my observations on Construct (3). I'm a new user of Construct, but not a new developer. This list was just a way to get some thoughts down on my experience, that may or may not instil further discussion on how I may better use the product.

    For reference, I am using a Mac running High Sierra, and I have purchased a Personal license.

    Browsers aren't the most stable of products.

    Out of the 3 Mac browsers, Chrome seems the most stable, Safari second and Firefox third.

    Construct is far more powerful than it looks once you poke about under the hood.

    The tutorials that are available are quite helpful.

    The people that help in the forums do a great job of including .capx files to help people. It helps others when we come looking.

    > Its a shame a lot of people used dropbox and their links are now broken. (This may be due to the changes in 'public' a couple of years ago)

    Construct has its idiosyncrasies, but these are largely my lack of knowledge. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where I can and cannot use 'Else'

    Visual layout is great. In other languages I spend ages changing X/Y positions to get something just right.

    I Loved that I could write a proof of concept Pacman and Space Invaders in an hour or so.

    Remote Preview seems hit and miss depending on what browser you use.

    Recipients of remote preview had mixed success too

    Had some concerning issues with touch on IOS. If you close Safari, THEN run the remote preview app, touch wouldn't work. I was able to reproduce on multiple units, but not how to fix it. Could have been my code, but I'm too new to know.

    I like writing business apps, I don't think that Construct is the tool for that, it can do a number of the GUI tasks, but while I haven't tried yet, I suspect I'll use other languages for that. (Using SQL without PHP for one).

    Finding rational descriptions of activities is difficult. There are many tutorials that say how to do something, but not how something works. (I had a sprite that had a square polygon and hit a square wall. It slowly moves upwards as it went left and right. I couldn't figure out why, so I just set the Y every tick to the same.

    Since I'm the other side of the pond in North America, I do find some occasional latency with the Scirra site (Forums) and lack of responsiveness. I shall take that as being a spoiled developer and having most other sites I frequent be on this side of the pond. That said, its not unusable just annoying when you need it.

    Overall, I'm happy and excited with my purchase[license] of Construct 3, now to be able to make enough $ off an app to pay for it

    Well there you have it, a long rambling list.

    Have s super day.

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  • *moved to more appropriate section.

  • Finding rational descriptions of activities is difficult. There are many tutorials that say how to do something, but not how something works.

    I think this was one of my main issues when starting out as well. Revisiting my old project after a year or so after I learnt a lot of things experimenting with some other small projects then looking at my code thinking..." Why the hell did I do like that " ..

    There's a lot of ways to do things. Many things work, but some ways are not very efficient or very nice looking, and overly complex. :p

    I think some best practices tutorial would be good, so you don't use common mistakes, explaining why you do it in a certain way.

  • I don't really care for the remote preview. It takes a while to load, and it has to reload each refresh. Then the URL is useless as soon as the creator dismisses it on their end.

    I was hoping for a solution for uploading to a server after the Dropbox debacle, but exporting, and hosting it is really the better way.

  • That dropbox change broke all the links, just TAG the authors in a reply and if they're around they can fix those links.

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