NWjs on macOS - get path to application directory rather than runtime directory

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  • The game I'm making uses external resources that are placed in the same folder as the app's directory (or in the case of macOS, within the executable .app-file.

    However, for some reason NWjs.AppFolder returns the temporary runtime directory on macOS, whereas on Windows it returns the original file location. This means that on macOS specifically, NWjs.AppFolder is almost the same as NWjs.ProjectFilesFolder, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting the AppFolder value.

    Is there any way to figure out from where the project has been run on macOS, when exporting with NWjs?


    Just to add to this, I wouldn't consider getting the user's folder and checking their Applications-folder to be a good solution, even though it seems to be the only way to get anything from the .app package on macOS.

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