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  • Hi I'm exporting from C3 to NWjs. I use Browser object to request fullscreen. The program thinks it works, because when fullscreen is executed it moves the entire window to the to left, then when I toggle fullscreen off it moves the window to the center of the screen. The only problem is, in both modes the window is not stretched to the actual fullscreen.

    This used to work, obviously something has changed since my last build (August 2020)

    I tied the workaround using javascript and it behaves the same exact way.

    please help!

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  • okay, I may have fixed it?

    I never select Kiosk or Windowed or Resizable Window when I export with NWjs. But I tried checking 'Resizable window' and that seemed to fix it!

    Maybe it was always meant to work like this?

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