NW.JS Exports on Mac Issue - Laggy to the point of being unplayable

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  • Exporting game for Steam so using NW.JS. The following works perfectly fine:

    • Anything on windows (exports, different settings, preview, etc)
    • Preview mode on Mac

    When I export on Mac with NW.JS the game is completely laggy from the get go to the point of being unplayable and often will completely freeze up. Note this is on the intro screen so there is no crazy amount of objects or any issues i can think of like that.

    Tried many different combinations of the export settings, both on the first screen (deduplicate images, re-compress images) and the second (Package Assets, Compress final zip, window frame, resizeable window, kiosk mode, ignore GPU Blacklist) with no noticeable change.

    So I tried multiple versions of NW.js

    • Chromium 83 - bad
    • Chromium 81 - bad
    • Chromium 80 - good
    • Chromium 78 - good
    • Chromium 69 - bad

    Note I haven't done extensive testing yet to see if those "good" ones are perfect. Also, I may have mis-remembered which "bad" versions I tested.

    So I guess I will use v78 or v80?

    Or would this issue only be specific to my computer? Such as with what version I have installed?

    And if so, should I upload multiple versions to Steam?

    I will continue to look into this, as I'm not familiar with updates to NW.js and related, but wanted to post early if anyone has any related issues or expertise on the matter.



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