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  • Thought I'd post here as this relates to the monthly subscription :

    I haven't been round these forums in years but, Ashley and Tom: thank you so much for adding a monthly option. The price right now for me in the UK is amazingly affordable and, as a burnt out hobbiest, I feel there's less commitment to paying for a whole year (I'd use Construct 2 a couple of times a year, maybe miss a month or two if other life stuff comes up).

    I can also evaluate all the features for just over £10 for a whole month. That's brilliant, over the years I kept getting emails about all the features added, and I do think Construct 3 has become a mighty fine bit of kit, but the annual subscription felt very out of reach for my financial situation.

    I hope to finish a project finally for once in C2, then I wanted to check out some new software, and C3 is now at the top of my list, especially because of how passionate and responsive the Scirra team has been over the many years.

    One competitor software I was interested in, last I checked, I can't even find info on their next product anymore. They'd seem to get frustrated at their users for asking about their next big product which they initially teased with screenshots. Major shame.

    Anyway, I'm glad this is now an option and I'm excited to experience all the features I've missed out on for a substantially cheap price. I will definitely consider buying yearly if things take off for me.

  • Great, thanks for the feedback Jase and I'm glad the monthly seems to be something that appeals to you!

  • Didn't know it wasn't global. Being using monthly subscription for a while... :)

  • Ashley Glad to hear about monthly subscription, I just paid monthly plan to make short time project with C3.

    Can you cancel any time, right? So I need C3 for 1 month, I pay $16 make my project and then I can cancel?

    It's not like you have to pay monhtly all year long?

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  • Nope, it's cancel any time, pay as you go.

    I'm on the monthly one and they even send an email saying it's recurring each month.

    Really good pricing IMO.

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