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  • Anytime I try to preview my project, I get the error, "Not enough memory to open this page," and Construct 3 crashes.

    I'm assuming the same is true of the desktop build of C3 because it just closes suddenly when I try to run a preview, but doesn't give me an error message.

    I have 16gb of RAM and C3 is only up to 3GB of memory usage when I run the preview and it crashes.

    EDIT: If I check to use worker then it runs the preview, but then exporting my game doesn't work.

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  • I think I may have fixed it, but I'm not considering it fixed until a week or so from now with no out of memory errors. I guess having like 500 objects with 50+ variables is bad on memory when the layout starts even if you're destroying the objects at the very start. So I made all the objects a tileset during edittime and then they become sprites at runtime to get around this problem. =D

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