Is it normal that C3 crashes at least a few times a day?

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  • Sometimes I will simply open it, go and do something, and it's crashed when I return. I have already saved a few of the error messages for when I report them.

    From what I read, it's out of Beta, but it feels like an Alpha.

    Is there an optimum way of using it? At the moment I've saved the icon to my desktop (as per the app's own instructions) and load/save files to Dropbox.

    For whatever it's worth:

    8700K/GTX1080/32GBRAM/Chrome/Paid subscription


  • No, obviously it's not normal for that to happen. Whenever C3 crashes it sends a report to our server (unless you use ad/tracking blockers) where it is logged, and we periodically review crash reports and try to fix them. We prioritise the most common crashes first. This means in many cases we can fix crashes without anyone needing to report a bug. However this process is not guaranteed so you might want to try to find the exact circumstances that causes the issue and then file a bug for us to investigate. You could also share some of the crash messages you've already encountered so we can check them.

  • Will do

    Here's a new error tonight though, I can't even access the editor. This continually shows:

    Tried enabling/disabling ad blocker - no difference

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  • Check the browser console for any error messages in that case (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome).

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