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  • Hey guys;

    I'm running into some weird problems with the Touch object, I would like to know if someone recognize this.

    The thing is that it happens only in one layout. The other layouts are all working fine.

    In this layout I have some sprites in witch the player can tap and something may happen. But since yesterday the "On tap object" event started not working properly. I would tap the object and nothing would happen, the event would not be triggered. It puzzled me.

    The other thing is that sometimes when I run the game the problem is not there, and sometimes (most of the times) it is. And this got me thinking about the code being too heavy and some parts of it may be lagging... although I don't really believe this is the reason.

    So I changed the "On tap object" for the "On double-tap object" event, and the problem persisted. I tried "On hold over object" and the problem persisted, plus, with this third alternative, my game just stops when I hold over the object, for no apparent reason.

    I tried the Remote preview and in the phone the same things happen.

    I tried opening an older version of the game to see if it was a problem with c3, but in older versions it's all working fine. So I think this means that I broke my game at some point yesterday, but it just makes not much sense how something like this would happen, since I was working in Arrays witch is something totally different...

    This is new for me, never happened before and I am intrigued. I know there's a reason, there's always a reason, and if someone have any clue why would this happen please let me know!

    Cheers ;)

  • You might check the collision polygon.

  • You might check the collision polygon.

    Thanks newt; forgot to mention that the collision polygon shapes are all right!

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  • Either you aren't touching the sprites (because of collision polygons, or some other reason), or the event is not running (because it is in a group that is disabled, or there is another condition that isn't being met, or the events are on an eventsheet that isn't included, or you accidentally changed the eventsheet for that layout).

    What I do in situations like this is break things down to the simplest terms. make a new "on tap" event and have the sprite flash, or change opacity or something obvious. if that doesn't happen, then try making a new sprite and test with that...

    the fact that the old version works tells me you are overlooking something that will probably make you do a face palm when you find it! :)

  • AllanR , many thanks, that made me look further.

    The problem was that I had put an "On tap" event inside a for-each loop and it was apparently bugging all the Touch object. Face palm done, lessons learned. <3

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