Where is non-consumable IAP data kept?

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  • Hey, yall. Quick question: Where is a player's non-consumable item purchase stored by scirra? In the manual on IAP, scirra says:

    Non-consumable purchases can be bought once per user. A good use for this type of purchase is to distribute your game for free but with the majority of the content locked from the user. To unlock the rest of the content the user can purchase a premium upgrade. The plugin keeps track of these types of purchases for you across multiple user devices.

    Is it stored via the player's google account? Their credit card? Can it save across android and apple at the same time? I don't understand how the IAP plugging can keep track of a player's data across devices when they never actually sign in to anything. Just some clarification would be nice.

    I am currently implementing firebase features on my android game and wanted to know how I should handle saving digital goods ownership data. Should I just not save non-consumables and just let the IAP plugging do all the work for them? I don't like that idea, because then a player's consumable goods data (that I store on firebase) and non-consumable goods data (stored by scirras IAP plugin) could be unsynced, and that would be a nightmare, but on the other hand, if I save it to firebase, then there is the possibility of firebase and the IAP plugging disagreeing. Note that I plan on creating a release of this game on the iPhone if the future allows.

    See my problem? Thoughts? Thanks!

  • Non-consumable purchases are kept track on the app store, as stated on the manual page that you quoted.

    Not sure what you mean by "save across android and apple at the same time." Accounts are not linked in both stores, if that's what you mean. Besides, how many people do you really expect will install your app simultaneously on their iPhone and Android phone and make a purchase? If anyone did, they would definitely have to buy twice.

  • IAP plugin doesn't save anything, it's your job to handle consumable and non-consumabe purchases in your game - for example, when an item is purchased, add it players's inventory and save between sessions. (either to local or to cloud storage)

    Google Play and Apple Store keep track of purchases, and you can request "Restore purchases". But, of course, they do not share this data. It's again your job to keep track of purchases made on different platforms, if you want to allow players to play on multiple devices under one account.

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  • Cool, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks.

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