Newb -Does Construct 3 really need access to all of my Google Drive or can I limit it to one folder?

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  • I'm a brand new user. When setting things up or in saving out the demo game, Construct3 asked for permission to access my Google Drive ( or DropBox or OneDrive ).

    The explanation it gave seemed to request permission for Construct3 to access everything on my Google Drive, not just, say, one folder that I wanted it to use. I turned down that option because I have proprietary information on some of the other folders on Google Drive.

    Is this the only option or did I miss something? Is there a way to grant Construct3 access to only ONE FOLDER I specify on my Google Drive, or is it an "all or nothing" choice?

    Thank you in advance for your reply !

  • I'm afraid using Google Drive with Construct is limited to "general access".

    Google Drive supports an "app mode" which restricts the application to a single folder, but unfortunately then users cannot see or access any of the files the application creates on their account. We decided during development of cloud save that users should be able to have access to their projects without needing to use Construct. Hence we went with the only alternative which Google offers, which is "general access".

    If you don't wish to give this level of access to Construct then I generally advise users to use Dropbox instead. We use their equivalent of "app mode", as it does allow users to access the files as well as limiting what the application can access.

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  • Thanks very much Nepeo! That was exactly what needed to know! Great product by the way, I look forward to developing some interesting games!

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