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  • Hello all,

    I have been looking for some game creating software without the need to type code and Construct looks just the ticket.

    but can someone tell me the price to buy the software? all I can find is the rental/subscription version and I want to buy the full version and not be tied to a yearly subscription fee.


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  • Not possible. Try the search function next time.

  • I did try using search, but thank you although I would ask you not to be so rude the next time you reply to someone.

  • Sorry, but only subscription! Maybe you can try Construct 2...

  • Sorry, but only subscription! Maybe you can try Construct 2...

    Thank you for that, such a shame really. it looks amazing but I don't do subscriptions.

    thanks and I'll continue looking for other software.

  • $199 for C2 that you'll probably stop using in six months, or $99 for a years subscription to C3.

    Maybe try Gamemaker. Yeah Gamemaker's for everyone.

  • Just buy C3. Stop thinking, start developing!

    ...but seriously it really depends on what you need.

    For mobile game development, C3 is nearly perfect for most types of 2D games. Give it 6 months, and it'll be spot on.

    If you know what you're doing, game development with C2/C3 is super fast, and (important for me) 'code' is easily reusable for your other games.

  • I would also say the price is not the issue with regards to Construct 3.

    Its great and you will be on your way to making games in no time.

    If however you really have something against subs...instead of the Gamemaker option rather try Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Also no coding needed. And non Subscription based. With Fusion 3 on the horizon that promises a lot.

    Both Construct 3 and Fusion 2.5 has pros and cons when comparing them to one another.

    I seem to find Constructs way of doing the events and add-ons a little bit more intuitive and quicker.

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