New R120 (C2 engine) apparently broke my project compatibility with some (working) 3rd part plugins

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  • Hi everyone

    Don't know if my problem should be considered a (apparent) bug, so for the moment I'm posting here a brief description.

    I've been working on this project (a sort of puzzle/checkerboard game) a long time (with several interruptions) - it was created in C2, then migrated to C3 without any problem. I'm using C3 desktop, then I export via C2 engine as a Cordova file, then build the apk via Cordova CLI.

    The project relies on the Rex_Rainbow "Grid" series, a bunch of plugins related to management of chess on a square grid, that were migrated to C3 by Rex itself and were perfectly working (until R120).

    Well, in the first apk build after the R120 update, suddenly the movement, the coordinates, the behavior etc of some type of chess became completely and absurdely wrong and unmanageable. Note that on R111 everything were working perfectly, and few minutes ago I build the apk via the "old" R111 (online) and now everything works correctly again.

    Did anyone have the same problem?

    Of course for my next projects I will NOT use external plugins anymore (in order to use the new C3 engine), but for the moment I need to finish this one without rewriting dozens of complicated events (it's almost over, I'm planning to publish it in a couple of month).

    My only chance is to use R111 online?


  • im not sure if i have the same prob as you. but i cant use C3 yet..

    Some of my event suddenly not working and coz the game to freeze.

    I change back to C2, and everything works fine again..

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  • There has been a bug reported today which turned out to be an issue with the "int" expression when a project is minified. Any expressions using it in r120 will fail.

    If you are using minification then I recommend that you try disabling it and see if your game behaves correctly. As your exporting to android minification so it's probably safe to leave it off. It won't have much of an effect on your APK size; the native code and any media tend to be the largest parts of an APK.

    If your not using minification or the int expression please file a bug report with a project that repeats the issue on github and we'll take a look for you.

  • YESSS! without minification everything works correctly again :) - I will no more use minification until

    this bug will be fixed

    thx Nepeo!

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