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  • So I have been trying to do some research on the best engine to get my point across for my idea. I feel like Construct 3 will be a good fit. Now what I am trying to do with it is a bit abstract and I am wondering if it will work with this engine. Ideally, I would like to have 3 different layers going at the same time and example would be the left, right, and the bottom of the screen being its own individual pieces. The left would be the text, the right would be pictures or video and the bottom would be stats and maybe a modifiable avatar of some sort. Do you guys think this would be a good engine for something like that? Also if you guys have any suggestions on tutorials that help work in layers as I mentioned above please feel free to let me know. I hope I posting this question in the right place. Thanks in advance!

  • Welcome!

    There are lots of cool things you can do with layers. You can set different parallax values to make them move at different speeds. If you set a negative value, the layer will move in an opposite direction.

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  • So you do feel like this is a good engine for the idea I mentioned above? Thanks for the reply.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by "different layers going at the same time". Yes, you can put different objects on different layers, apply different effects, scroll them at different speeds etc..

  • Okay cool. Thanks for your help! I guess it's time for me to dig into some of these tutorials now and get started.

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