New to construct 3, not sure if this is a bug..

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  • Not sure if this is the right forum for it but there doesn't seem to be a help section for Construct 3 outside of bug reports and that specifies that you basically have to be 100% sure that what you have is a bug on the GitHub page... Anyhow I was messing around with arrays and entered what is seemingly some very simple code to layout a bunch of 100x100 box sprites in a 4x3 grid. However the sprites seem to get created at really odd x and y values visually but when you inspect their x,y position values via debug they're what they're supposed to be. Did I somehow mess something up or is this a bug with construct 3? I've uploaded a screenshot here:

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  • Hi there! It looks like the origin position of your blue sprite is set to the center of the sprite (hence it's positioned the center of the sprite at the coordinates you've given).

    You can change the origin using the image points tool in the animations editor. If you set the value to 0, 0 it will align to the top left.

  • Ahhhh! How was I so stupid haha, thanks a ton! I guess I thought image origins would be for all animations but they're on a per animation basis : ) Thanks!

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