New Construct 3 forum specifically for mobile app developer?

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  • What do you guys think about creating a new forum for mobile app developer to share information and knowledge? (How do I....? and plugin SDK forums for mobile apps)

    For me it would be great since we can discover new techniques and get some ideas of how big Construct 3 can do on mobile app making.

    Please share your thought.

  • I would love this. My main reason for coming back to Construct is to do games for Android, iOS, and Amazon. But I think there are still some tips and tricks that could be of interest to other mobile developers but otherwise irrelevant to non-mobile developers.

    Great idea!

  • That is definitely a grate Idea, and indeed it should be already implemented as mobile games are totally different worlds and optimizations, especially if you have no experience.

    in the past, I use to get very confused as all the info, tutorials. how do you do, etc... it was mixed up so I couldn't distinguish what you could use in mobiles and what not, as the mobiles need a lot of optimisation for what I see and you cannot put many of those things in there, so it was really stressful trying to filter the info and stuff. if you wanted to learn about mobile platform.

    with one section on the forum especially for that, it will be really helpful and it can save a tons of time and research for a lot of people, plus like you said even for learning new tricks for optimisation, monetization and all those staffs, will be definitely something that everyone can benefit from, And the most important everything thing that you find in there you know it is 100% related to Mobiles.

    so from me its a must


  • I'm in !!

    Can't see any reason why there should or would not be one.

  • That would be lovely. Info is sprinkled around among many other topics unrelated to mobile.

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  • I am interested too. if I am sure I can easily publish on mobile I will take a license to try.

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