Need Help in Translating Game in Ru, Ja, Ko, De, Fr, Es, Br, It, Uk Language

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  • Hello Friends

    My game Snaky is uploaded in Play Store and now i want to add Multi Language in my Game

    So I need your help. please help and translate these words

    1) Game Over

    2) Hi-Score

    3) Tap to Play

    4) Score

    5) Coins

    6. No Ads

    7) Like This Game?

    8) Please rate it in the store

    9) Yes, rate it!

    10) Remind me later

    11) Resume

    12) Free

    13) Select Language

    Received Translations will be listed below

    1) German

    2) Spanish

    3) Portuguese

    4) Russian

  • This can't be translated so easily without context! You have to add more information about how the texts are used if you want a really good result.

  • RU

    1) Игра окончена

    2) Лучший результат

    3) Нажмите, чтобы начать

    4) Результат

    5) Монеты

    6) Без рекламы

    7) Понравилась игра?

    8) Пожалуйста, оцените игру в магазине

    9) Да, оценить!

    10) Напомнить позже

    11) Возобновить

    12) Бесплатно

    13) Выбрать язык

  • This can't be translated so easily without context! You have to add more information about how the texts are used if you want a really good result.

    I am using this in my game

    and you can easily understand their usage from the words i.e Game Over (when game is over), Hi-Score (our high scores) etc all words are understood

  • you can easily understand their usage from the words

    No. Not for every language you can guess the right translation if you get only an English word. It's for instance not clear if this is a noun or a verb. If it's a verb shall it be an imperative or not?

    I have some experience with localization and it's just better to do it more careful.

  • Yes, indeed - it is more useful, but maybe not yet enough.

    If I look into the German column I have some doubts/questions like this example:

    Adjective male: Poisoned - Vergifteter

    Will you use this word in combination with a noun like Prince or Medic?

    If yes: "Vergifteter" is right

    If no: "Vergiftet" is right

    "Sie können nichts mehr tragen." Is not consistent to the use of "du" in other texts. It should be "Du kannst nichts mehr tragen."

    There are some small typos.

  • Hi, here's the French translation:

    1) Game Over

    Game Over (same)

    2) Hi-Score

    Is it a pun? Same in French or "High-Score" if it's a mistake.

    3) Tap to Play

    "Tapez pour Jouer" or "Taper pour Jouer" (infinitive form of the verb)

    UPDATE: For your game, and after watching the trailer, prefer the second form (infinitive).

    4) Score

    Score (same)

    5) Coins

    Pièces (attention to the accent)

    6) No Ads

    "Pas de Publicités" or "Pas de Pubs" (accent in the first, advertising shortened in the second but less formal, more familiar)

    7) Like This Game?

    "Vous aimez ce Jeu ?" (important: always a space before question or exclamation marks, it is a typographic rule in French)

    8) Please rate it in the store

    "S'il vous plait, notez-le dans la boutique"

    But "store" alone sounds very "shopping" in French, some alternatives:

    "S'il vous plait, notez-le en ligne" (Please rate it online)

    or "S'il vous plait, notez-le sur Google Play" (Please rate it on Google Play)

    Be careful once again of the hyphen in these formulations. Also pay attention to the comma after "please".

    9) Yes, rate it!

    "Oui, le noter !" (comma after "yes" and space before exclamation mark)

    10) Remind me later

    "Rappelez-moi le plus tard" (beware the hyphen again)

    or "Me le rappeler plus tard" (infinitive form)

    11) Resume


    12) Free


    13) Select Language

    "Sélectionner la Langue" (accent!)

    It's, according to me, a bit long and heavy in French, some alternatives:

    "Changer de Langue" or "Choisir la Langue" (change or choose)

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  • Sebastien, Hallorin, , q3olegka

    I have uploaded my game in the PlayStore. Please have a look

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