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  • Hi guys, just a quick question. I have been experimenting with Construct 2/3 for a month now, this is my 3rd engine after Stencyl and gamesalad. I find it easy to learn, in fact, I'm planning to register my account. I'm just wondering if it's all worth it because aside from the pros I've also read some cons like how troublesome it is to export your game, etc. With how well you know this engine, I would love to ask if I should push through or should I be better off with other engines? Thanks much.


  • There are no export troublesome in construct 3. The engine is not perfect but none of them are and there are no engine with the same ease of use Construct has. So go ahead, you won't regret it.

  • Writing code in several different languages and being familiar with IDE's since Turbo Pascal for DOS I can safely say, the answer to your question is dependant upon you. If you're certain the IDE has the ability to achieve your goals then the only things you lack are knowledge and motivation. So, the first question you have to ask is can this IDE do what I want? The second question is, do I have the motivation and determination to learn it? If you can answer yes to both of those, then any IDE is worth it.

    Since this is your 3rd IDE you need to stop and ask which of those two questions answered "no" when working with the other two and why. Then decide if Construct can answer that question with a "yes".

  • the only issue with Construct compared to GMS2 or Unity (2D) is yes the export is not native but rather a web wrapper around your game. It's basically a version of Chrome for your game. Does the player know? Doubtful. Performance is probably the only thing that would make you (the dev) notice it. I doubt a player would ever know. But I've built things side by side with GMS2 and Construct with the same assets and I can tell the difference of GMS2's export, its just better, I don't know how to describe it.

    However, all that said, Construct is an amazing prototype tool. It's ridiculously fast. So many corners are cut for you that any engine I work with I'm always wishing for the ease of Construct. When I first got into to GMS2 I couldn't believe how much I had to do myself..although GMS2 has other pluses, but C3 is all about speed.

    I hate the subscription model, it's a big turn off for everyone I talk to about it. But I use it a lot so it's worth it for me. When people ask me if it's worth it I always ask them: will you use it as much as you use Hulu? because its the same price. If yes, then there's your answer!

  • Hi there been a Construct 2 and 3 for a while now... im out of my C3 license, but i will renew probably if im going to start to make games again.

    Here is my input on PROS and CONS posts that you find around this forum.

    Majority of the posts are made by frustrated users that had technical advanced issues on big projects, or projects that were not even supposed to be made using Construct "default" capabilities.

    And when i say technical advanced issues, i mean majority of the problems on CONS are server side stuff... for projects that were not meant to be made in Construct from beginning, but because Constructs interface is so addictive ... people still try to overcomplicate things... even though simpler would be to just pick notepad and use the coding language of choice.

    And i know most of C3 users don't know code... but those CONS and PROS are from people that know how to code... yet they still using Construct cause of its ease of prototyping... don't fall for their issues.

    On the other hand, there are also some of the pros and cons posts made by users that didn't even tried to understand Construct's way of doing things and just dissed it.

    In short you have to buy it and see for yourself, but if you played around with the trial version, then the premium version is like that plus the extra stuff that in trial are locked.

    Now Construct 2 and 3 are different ... C2 is not going to be updated anytime soon as the team is focusing on delivering a better more powerful product C3.

    So ... about the choice... if you don't know how to code... you have zero knowledge in javascript php etc... than Construct 3 should be perfect for you for single/multiplayer player games that require no database. (multiplayer here i mean two people playing on the same screen or over bluetooth, not online multiplayer with 100 people at same time, not that you can't do it... you can... is just a Advanced feature and requires Ajax knowledge and socket server knowledge, if you don't know anything about it, you can learn but is not going to be simple out of the box cause is a Advanced feature and requires prior knowledge of how databases work and servers).

    So any SMALL GAME you want to build with Construct being 2 or 3 that falls in those specifications should be doable, anything more than a simple game, you need to study Construct 3 manual(even learn javascript or Web Assembly where is the case) do/redo tutorials, put in practice and after that you might be able to accomplish a rudimentary "larger" project.

    About exporting... the beauty of Construct 3 is that simplifies exporting to platforms as compared with Construct 2 that requires manual export/compilation through a third party.... to deploy on android or ios.

    Construct 3 is ready to use and deploy MINI GAMES out of the box, on any platform, and with incorporated wrappers for android and ios i think... i don't know for ios ... never done ios games/apps.. but only android.

    Very intuitive and lots of tutorials + manual available.

    Sure there will be some glitches as the engine is in development, but if you aren't an advanced user don't worry about it... it won't interfere with your needs.

    And ... don't fall for the Construct 3 is simple to use and lets you develop games easy i can build the next AAA MMORPG with it, Construct was never meant for AAA Games.

    People need to look at Construct/Stencyl/GameMaker and other similar engines as Wix like platforms for making games.

    They are good to prototype and even deploy on small scale, but when it comes to serious stuff and upscale your project they fall apart.

    Lucky for you... i doubt you will build the next MMORPG or the Next Clash of Clans/Lineage/Fable etc with it... So sure buy it, have fun with it is 11$ a month ... or 120$ a year (i pay more for a landing page hosting server a year) ... if is not what you need find another one and you didn't lose anything precious but your time... and some pocket change .... if is what you need then is a good investment.

    What i like about Construct myself is that promotes programming thinking, the same syntax you do by clicking and the way is designed to show you the line of codes in the event sheet is the same syntax you will use if you'd be coding in XML and Javascript, but without the clicking.

    As for the performance stuff... is more of how you make the game logic ... and for the "if the user "will notice or not" you made the game with Construct" is a nonsense.. if it works nobody cares what you used... they are there to play your game, not check your programming skills.

    Hope my input helps, i would have written more about it, but the post is already long and i don't want to keep you reading something to convince you on anything that really is more of personal usage and choice ... and also this subject was asked and answered since Construct was made, you will probably find the same answer in other posts as well ... Is been 12 years in the making almost... lots and lots of things have changed, and the engine matured in some parts, and in some parts still needs to grow.

    But for a beginner need, it will be doing the job. Have a great day.

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  • They are good to prototype and even deploy on small scale, but when it comes to serious stuff and upscale your project they fall apart.

    I am going to disagree here to a point. You are correct, C3 isn't going to be the engine behind the next great 10k player MMO. It was never designed to be. Every language and game engine out there has it's own strengths and weaknesses. I'd never, ever try to create a paltformer in C#. It would be a nightmare. But I wouldn't try to create a websocket's server in C3 either.

    Saying C3 can't handle serious stuff is all based on your definition of 'serious'. A JS/browser based client with thousands of players all at once on the same server? That's not unheard of. To me, that's pretty serious.

  • Saying C3 can't handle serious stuff is all based on your definition of 'serious'. A JS/browser based client with thousands of players all at once on the same server? That's not unheard of. To me, that's pretty serious.

    We can agree with that the definition of "serious" varies from user to user. And while true "A JS/browser based client with thousands of players all at once on the same server" is doable... and is somewhat serious... if you define having a Js/Browser game, with thousands of players and compared to a Ecommerce website which can handle thousands of users at the same time as well .... being complicated.

    Again as you said... is more of the definition of "serious" and for a beginner ... C3 will do the job just fine... but for some complex AAA game is not suitable ... which everyone in this forum is trying to make outside a handful of people that are realists.

    See you around!

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