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  • If I'm messing with the paint can and I change the animation or the frame the property bar changes to the animation options, the correct one would be to continue in the paint can.

    I believe that when you are working with a tool it should not be changed until you decide to change it. Example: If I am using a hammer and I change the item with which I am working and at the same time my hammer becomes a saw, that would bother a lot.

    DiegoM already gave me an answer. But it is on another topic with another problem that has already been closed. Here is his answer: This can be very subjective, depending on what you are doing it might be useful. I'll wait for more user input before doing any changes. There is a keyboard shortcut to swap between the two panels though. If you press "J" on your keyboard the tools panel will be swapped with the properties panel and vice versa.

    I know there are things with higher priority. Let's leave this one more to the end.

    What do you think? I feel uncomfortable having to go back to the tool every time I change frame or animation.

    Thanks all

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  • I haven't been able to test c3 yet, but what you are describing concerns me a lot. If you have to keep clicking back and forth, that sounds terrible. That makes it sound like the animation editor has become worse than c2.

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