Do you need to create an Interstitial Ad every time?

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  • Using the Construct 3 Mobial Advert plugin, do you need to create an Interstitial Ad every time you want to show one or do you just create it once at the beginning of the app and then call "Show Interstitial" every time you want to show it?

    In my tests i have found if i only create it once i can show it only one time, the only way i could show it multiple times was if i created one every time i wanted to show it. But im asking to make sure if im doing it right.

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  • I show an interstitial every 10 deaths.

    I have a counter that adds 1 each death. Then when the counter reaches 9 I load an interstitial and when it reaches 10 I display the interstitial and reset the counter back to 0 and the process starts again.

  • I call / load the Interstitial Ad multiple times.

    I try to load the Interstitual Ad (without displaying) before I know when I need to show it, then I trigger the 'show ad' when I need to, so that there is no lag in loading the ad.

    That's the reason they've added the separate 'show ad' action.

    So yes, load it again, after you've triggered the 'show ad'.

  • Thanks guys!

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