Need community help testing C3 addons

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  • For those that can, please download any addon for construct 3, then try to add it into construct 3, any browser, any device, if you are successful please post your OS and browser you used along with a screen shot of that addon listed in addons. If you fail, please also list which addon you tried, browser and OS.

    I am failing on all addons, all browsers, and currently support is blaming my cache on a single browser even though I have totally cleared the cache many times in IE(edge on windows 10) and Safari with the same result. Without cache error but nothing happens in IE, and cache error in Safari. I’m hoping to eliminate either my machines as the issue or C3 as the issue with help.


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  • Update, this is only a problem in edge browser on the PC so far, and a total no go on any browser on the iPad since Apple uses safari at the core, i will post another update tonight when I can test with a MacBook Pro to see if it has the same problem with addons.

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