Music folder sounds not always playing since new stable update

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  • I can't find a reason why, but intermittently certain sounds from the Music folder will never trigger when in Preview. It's different each time you preview the project, but once that one certain sound doesn't play, it never plays the entire play session.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    C3 r234.2

  • Yes, having the same issue but difficult to create a build to showcase it. Does yours happen consistently? If so, it might be worth submitting a bug report with your build.

    I believe it's to do with the worker shutting down when it's no longer loading files (audio or JSON files usually)

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  • no, not at all.

    I have a pretty big folder of sounds I stream (music folder) and (sounds folder) for things I want in memory - for synced sfx. For example I have some sound effects that are just atmospheric sounds that happen for 5-6 seconds, those are in the music folder even though they aren't music.

    so when its doing its thing... there are a ton of sounds just not playing. But its intermittent.. and when its not happening, it never happens or only on a 1 or 2 sounds...

    however a bunch of times it never happens at all.

    its pretty frustrating... so far today this is the 3rd Construct bug I've had to deal with since the new update.

  • yup this is still happening. Does anyone know if this bug has been reported? I know its a tough one to report since its so intermittent.

    I cannot reproduce this in a small project. It only happens in something like the size of the game I am working on. but I know for sure it NEVER happened before r234.

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