Multiplayer re-connect/restart peer, causing endless destroy synced object

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  • I don't know it's my mistake or a bug.

    If player/peer get killed by another player, then Host will kick this peer.

    Player/peer can reconnect to this room and restart it's layout to retry the game again.

    But if player are connected again, all synced object are destroyed every tick/time, but object that are destroyed is not the main objects, i really confused to explain this, it's take a while to find what causing my game bugs.

    So, the game it's self are look like no problem are appears, but the CPU usage are keep increasing since there are a hidden (maybe) synced object that are keep destroying, and this issues are not affected with another peer or an host.

    Before get killed/kicked. There are 457 objects here

    After reconnect again

    There are more than 10k objects and keep increasing since if players are destroyed, player will spawn 'Blood' sprite.

    Synced objects

    Experiment 2, spawn blood are disabled, so there will no function are called if synced objects are destroyed. But it's not solving this problem, CPU usage are keep increasing even there is no objects are created.

    Experiment 3

    Add another synced object on 'Real-time multiplayer' template.

    It's a sprite with sine behavior

    Disconnect a peer

    The result after 6 times of reconnecting/restart, CPU usage are increasing

    Is there any solution for this problem?

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