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  • Hello !

    I'm curious about the online of Construct 3 and I would like your feedbacks about this ! I've actually created some little games with C2 and some of them use online but for real-time action, it's quite problematic most of the time (teleportation, lags, ...).

    So I wanted to know if some people have already made a multiplayer online game with C3, how they fill about the online (compared to the C2' online), advices, ...


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  • While C3 has some great speed improvements with the C3 runtime, I doubt that will affect your question.

    Online multiplayer I expect is pretty much the same as C2 unless you use Playfab or Firebase plugin in the Master Collection add-on.

    Online lag could be indicative of the volume of data you're transferring, so perhaps ask that question in a post? (The super new add-on for Binary might facilitate that too)

  • Thank for your answer !

    Well, for the tests I've done, I tried different methods (sending just a call of function, sending positions of players, ...) but most of te time, there was some random teleportations (it was a little platformer game).

    I'll ask the question in the other section :)

    If someone has other feedbacks, don't hesitate !

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