Will multiplayer disconnect if a peer/host watches an Ad?

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  • Hi. My game have two rounds/sessions, I was wondering if I show a Video ad in between rounds, but not sure if the players would disconnect from the server? And what if they click on the Ad and return?

    I don't know if it would be the best place for an Ad (since the players would want to finish the game), or the worst as it might defy the purpose of the Ad. Clicks/CPM might be low? Clicks could disconnect?

    Has anyone done something similar? Any suggestions?


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  • Ad wouldn't disconnect you. If Ad will be opened in the same page then obviously player will disconnect as game stops running. Just open it in a new page and all should be OK.

    I think having Ads in online game inside the game session is a bad idea tho.

  • Thanks. Btw I forgot to mention, it will be an Android game. But I assume the same applies for mobile.

    Thanks for your feedback.. I do plan to keep it least disruptive. More like "Now that was intense.. Let's take a 30 seconds break before we continue!" (Video Ad shows) .. or.. "Next session is live in 30 seconds, until then watch this video.." etc.

    More responses and opinions are welcome..

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