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  • I would like to get some tips from people that have successfully hosted dedicated servers for multiplayer C2/C3 games.

    Are you using a VPS (windows/linux?)

    What is a good server configuration?

    Does hosting work better using exported NWJS app?

    Other tips?


    I have setup a dedicated server as a test for a multiplayer tank game. It didn't seem to do that great because CPU kept getting maxed out. Finally I noticed that I could host the game with Chrome minimized, and that made a drastic difference in CPU usage. I am guessing that the game does not render anything when minimized, which results in sort of simulated "headless" mode.

    You can try my simple test game (while it is alive) at

  • Oops, I meant to put this in the general forum.

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  • can you show me how to pin turret and rotate it toward mouse

  • Sorry for the slow response, I don't always check messages here.

    Turret has pin behavior. When tank is spawned, it spawns a turret and pins it to itself.

    Also a variable is set on the turret that has the ID of its parent (the tank UID)

    When operating the tank, use event to pick turret that has the variable = tank.UID

    Then, use the "rotate toward angle" action. I rotate by 5 degrees at a time and use the angle() function to get angle between the tank and the mouse.

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