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  • How come we can connect to other people on the internet with the space shooter demo, but when we configure our own game, using the same stuff, it doesn't work. Im talking EXACT coding Signalling, Host, and Peer, and Common using the SAME everything. Is there some kind of voodoo going on here that I dont see?

    Trying to figure why my game can connect LAN, but not on another wifi, YET the demo can..... My game isnt the same, but I made a replicate of the demo today to test and learn about the flow of things, and that didnt work either, and its identical.

  • I've looked into this and he's right.

    I used the same code that runs in C2 inside of C3 exactly and it doesn't work.

    Any more people running into this issue.

  • I've looked into this and he's right.

    I used the same code that runs in C2 inside of C3 exactly and it doesn't work.

    Any more people running into this issue.

    Thanks for verifying! It's strange. The weirdest part is, I didn't change anything after closing up last night, and opened the project this morning and tested. And the host can't move.

    NOTHING changed! Ive set the project to open using c3 modern and it doesn't even open the game, so I have to set it to play using c2 still in the advanced section of the project setup and run.

    I know quite a bit now about signalling, peer, and host, and common and I can actually "see" the flow happening by looking at the code now, and yet....if I do my own, it doens't work. So, here is something I tested.

    I ran a net test from netscan to see how my firewall is conflicting with WEBRTC, and with my computer, there is no inbound TCP, and its behind a proxy (which is weird because most people have NAT issues, not proxy since proxy is usually auto).

    Then, I tested my cell phone without wifi, and got the same. My phone can run the game with my computer, but others phones wont, nor other computers not on WIFI.

    I changed my firewall settings, and still nothing connecting to the outside world. This got me thinking it is my setup internally of my router, BUT it also made me create this post cause Im like...."So, then how the hell am I able to play with others in the demo?!!!"

    Im baffled beyond at the moment. Bug or not, Im not sure, but Im not giving up lol. Im sure this will work sometime! Construct is an extensive program so it has a LOT of backend stuff going on, so multiplayer Im sure was one of the last thoughts. Im hoping it helps see there is an issue and somehow can be fixed.

    hey, at least we can actively learn a LOT about networking and multiplayer server signalling int he meantime :)

    Standing by!

  • So, Im going to just do a local multiplayer and singe player for now, as that alone is plentiful haha. Ill stand by and don't mind waiting until I can figure out how to either TURN server, or whatever I have to do, BUT, to finish alpha, Ill focus on those first :)

    At least it will be known as a common issue if others can repeat and then maybe we can get Construct to do those things in the future :)

  • Multiplayer is weird sometimes I've noticed even back in C2 you would create a system that works one time and then another does something strange. Idk I'm gonna keep plucking away at it till it works cause single player for my game just wouldn't work.

  • Singe player wouldn't work? Is that because it was strictly coded for multiplayer? When you add signaling and all that, the single player won't work because it's trying to pull the server signals for you still.

    You will likely have to create independent coding that says a variable, linked to ALL the multiplayer events at the beginning of each on that says boolean true or false for multiplayer, and then make a button for each single and multi.

    That way, if you click on single, you won't load any signaling anything, and you can have your simple coding for single player in its own group :)

    And YES, it does do its own thing many times during testing, changing stuff up on you. JUST did some testing with my daughter, and she could see my items on my player one game, then without changing any item codes, they didn't show, but other things that wouldn't work before started working.....its frustrating at the least. Because, then you get confused on what happened when you changed, whatever, and its not consistent. Yeah..... :/

  • If you can't figure out how to make a TURN server you can get one here for free although you won'T be using it with it'S intended purpose and can'T guarantee it'S availability but it should work for light testing

  • If you can't figure out how to make a TURN server you can get one here for free although you won'T be using it with it'S intended purpose and can'T guarantee it'S availability but it should work for light testing

    Cool, yeah just for testing is great. All I need it for at the moment is when the kids are at their mothers and they help me test, I need to test signaling to peers when I update. Ill check it out! TY

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  • So yeah........I had a big thing all typed up and ready to post with this video attached now, but c3 shut down and my browser reset from it so........I was talking in my deleted post, about how this stuff is still an issue.

    The video shows one example of something that just appalls me for a paid product, considering I am now down 300 bucks and a 99 / year subscription with these issues.

    Im not going to say construct is terrible. It is in fact a great concept. But......having a text object update a variable, and that completely messed up other object not even related to it, is simply unacceptable!!!!

    Paid or not also, how long has construct been a thing in the game dev revolution? By now, should these issues not have been resolved already?

    I am STUCK. I cannot even rely on adding any more code without something else messing up, and what that may be has differed for each code. Adding text causes player rotation issues and object syncing rotation updates for the peer, adding an every tick to a visual effect causes my trees to loop spawn across the map over and over. Things like this are moments for real.

    Here is the video link to the one recently JUST before this post had to be re-written:

    Its just ONE example of a "come on now" feeling, as to where construct is in development versus what support in finance they receive. Especially my 300 dollars on a project that for one, cant go further right now, because I cannot rely on anything now, and two, I had to purchase c3 and c2 differently, where a program otherwise, would consider c3 an UPDATE of "construct", not a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PRODUCT THAT DOES THE SAME THING..........with "UPDATES".

    Come on guys really?! After all these years, this is how far its improved? I am HIGHLY disappointed and wasted way too many hours thinking these errors were my problems.

    A text that screws up my player and peer updates on a simple common event update for a variable, is ridiculous!

    construct classic started development 11 years ago...c2 started in May 2011...7 years ago! just sayin'

    What excuses can we come up with here? And what solutions can we correct them with?

  • at least Ashley didnt come up with more excuses in this thread. Multiplayer DOES NOT WORK. Connetivity is so low that no one can release a multiplayer game. And thats a fact.

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