Move-to On arrived -- is there a way to learn what the target object is where the sprite arrived at

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  • Hello,

    I am using move-to to move a sprite to an object. The event arrived-at tells me when the sprite arrived. I am however wondering, if there is a way to pick the object where the sprite arrived at?

    thank you,


    p.s. one way, perhaps to do this, is to store in an instance variable the name of the object that was used for the move-to command and then retrieve it from there -- i am however wondering if there is a more direct way to achieve that.

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  • I would use an instance variable - and store the UID of the object used in the move-to command.

    another way might be to check to see what instance the moving object is overlapping when it arrives, but since you already know when the move-to command is issued, it is less work to just pick that object by UID (by the instance variable) when the time comes.

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