Mouse. "Set cursor from sprite" has a delay in runtime 3

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  • Hi,

    When I started use runtime 3, my cursor started delaying (about 0.1 second) everywhere with changing its sprite. When I use runtime 2 (I don't change any line of code, I just change runtime) - cursor changing works great, as it should.

    Example: in my quest I take an item from inventory, my cursor is being changed to it. When I use the item (put a bottle on the table), bottle is already created on the table, but cursor still isn't set to default. I tryed to change cursor sprite before creating of the bottle, but the cursor changing delays anyway. In runtime 2 creating of object and changing of cursor sprite work simultaneously, in runtime 3 they don't.

    That issue causes other bugs with long mouse button pressing in runtime 3. It should work fast (in runtime 2 it works perfectly) because it's not single click, and mouse button pressure ('mouse is down' condition) collects delays and mouse behavior starts lagging.

    I'm awared about capx, but I don't know how to reproduce it out of my project. Just pay attention to it. Thanks.

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  • please file a bug report following the guidelines

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