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  • I would like to know if it's in Scirra's plans for C3 to make easier to implement monetization features on mobile games.

    Including In-App purchases and advertising (banners, incentivized video, interstitials...) in C2 for mobile games was never easy.

    Can we expect some improvements in C3?

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  • According to the blogs its planned.

    It is the main reason I would be interested in what they have offered thus far.

    If they can't provide much better ways to monetize then there's little value to the subscription model.

    Seriously though, the current state of things is just a big joke, especially with the Xdk going away(which never functioned well to begin with), and the outdated documentation.

  • Yes, it's not only the feature itself but the lack of documentation. In order to consider C3 as a professional tool a special effort should be put here. I am not against the subscription model but I understand users needs to be able to add IAP and ads in an easy way to their projects.

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