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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm making a game that will be released on android and iphone.

    I'm writing here, because I need a suggestion from someone who already published a game or someone who encountered my same problem.

    Basically, I need to keep track of the user score/progress during the game, such as level passed, coins taken in one level...etc I was thinking to use local storage for some part, since I do not really care about hacking. (is the local storage good for mobile?)

    However, I will sell some item in game, such unlock the full version of the game, increase the coins, gems...etc

    I'm trying to find the best and elegant way to menage all of this, but everything should be simple on the user experience. I do not want to make the user to make an username or password to retrieve their product already bought if they change device or they uninstall and reinstall my app.

    I would like to avoid making up a database and create users. I was thinking a service already made, easy to use and to implement (even if I have to pay). Does the Play store or the Apple store track of the purchase made by the user? for instance, if I sell an item that can be sold just once such "unlock all extra feature" does the game can retrieve this information from the Play Store or the Apple Store if the user uninstall the app? Or do I need to store it somewhere?

    Thank you very much!

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  • If you stick to non-consumable items then the plugin can handle it. You only need to think about databases if you plan to use consumable items and care about multiple device usage as you would be using local storage where only one device knows about it.

    If you install the app on 2 different devices you would see the following : local data such as scores and progress lost on the second device, because it's stored locally (and the user would expect this anyway), but due to IAP plugin and account use they would see that they have bought the unlock store content on both devices.

  • , Thank you for your reply.

    For non-consumable items you mean something static right? such as unlock all feature...etc while off course, the consumable ones are the one who will increment a variable such as coins, gems...etc

    Does the local storage works fine on android and iOS? I know that the local storage can be cleared pretty easily on the computer. Does the local storage save the variables on the games' folder? I wouldn't like if some users remove their progress with items purchased by mistake.

    Do you know any plugin that handles the remote storage easily even if the service it cost monthly? I already developed a system to store data on my own server using php/mySql, or store a json file directly, but I would avoid it since I don't really care if the user cheat, and I do not know how many people are going to download the game. It would be nice if the user can retrieve their progress from a device to another device, at least, I would need to store a few variables. if I recall, Facebook instant game allow to store a variable online, I'm looking for something similar.

    Also, if I plan to use my json storing system (it is the easiest and least heavy on the server side prospective I guess), how would you suggest to handle? I was thinking to generate a random token as soon the user start playing (like 32 length), a token that is visible in the menu options. This token, is the one that the user can use to load and store the external data (no password). So, no registration needed, and is easy to restore. Does any app use a method as described above?

    Thank you

  • Yes non-consumable is used once and linked to the account in some way and consumables increment something and can be bought again. Local storage is cleared if the user tries to clear it from the phone menu, if you install a new update it won't clear the data. You can't clear it by mistake, they need to do it themselves as if they are uninstalling the game. As for the other stuff, you seem to know more than me about that, I've not used IAP with database but maybe someone else has more information.

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