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  • Hello there,

    is there anyone who have published a "medium/heavy" game on mobile? if yes, what is the mb mobile usage in average? How many events do you have? I'm asking these questions, because I'm keeping adding new items and functionality, but I'm worried that I will have lagging problems with the average users.

    For instance, my game right now, take 120 mb img resources and when run on my phone, it take max 50% of the cpu. Unfortunately, I can't try my game with a less powerful smartphone.

    I'm trying to save as much resources as possible (tilemap, less sprite as possible...etc). Same with the events. However, sometime, this practice can make hard to read or write events (having one sprite enemy that works as 10 different ones, instead to have 6 different sprite enemies with different events for each one)

    PS: for medium/heavy, I mean a game comparable to super mario world / donkey kong country / yoshi island...etc multiple levels, different design for each world, multiple kinds of enemy...etc...etc

    I also know that in 2020, most of the smartphone are enough powerful to play most of the game with no problem, however, I would like to hear some opinions.

    Also, is that true that when you export the game it runs faster then the remote preview?

    Thank you

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  • I'm very much still a newbie, but I'll share a few thoughts that other people can either flesh out/smash down/ignore. First off, having events/behaviors specific to each enemy should be fine, so long as the events are written in such a way that they're not eating up resources (like, for example, if you have resource-intensive actions running every tick when they don't need to be). See:

    Also, having different graphics and multiple levels should also not matter, except for what's on the specific layout that's loaded. If you try to pile them all on one layout, then that's another story. See:

    For the exporting debug apps being faster than the remote preview - that's what I've seen on my end, but that's just my end.

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