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  • Hi everyone,

    I have started to use C2 about 2 years ago. It was difficult at the begginig to me to get my apps working properly and showing apps, but once you get use to Intel XDK the things were more easy.

    What I find 2 years later and with the release of C3 is that the things for mobile developers are much harder now.

    We have to use Cordova command line to sign the apk,...

    If anyone have experience with Cordova I would like to ask:

    1.How do we add a splash screen?

    2.How do we add the logo in different sizes?

    3.How do we add plugins, for example Admob plugin?

    I ask these things, because before I knew how to do it, because it was integrated on Xdk, but now I´m quite lose.

    Thanks for help.

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