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  • Is it possible to create mobile applications that are functional? What exactly happens if I export HTML5 and what is a static site?

    I know this are newb questions, so apologies in advance.


  • Absolutely! Many developers use Construct for exporting to mobile.

    A static website is one that doesn’t change its content. Blogs are dynamic—people can write in and make comments. All Wordpress sites (most websites nowadays) have the capability to be dynamic, even if they aren’t used that way. In static sites, all of the content is scripted by the website developer.

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  • Thank you! Do you know how I could create a mobile app and how I would export it?

  • Thank you! Do you know how I could create a mobile app and how I would export it?

    Unlike Unity3D, Construct is designed around HTML5 technologies, making it really easy to export for the web. Native mobile export is *never* easy, and I have been doing it for six years. There are many resources on line that will walk you through the convoluted processes involved in native mobile publishing, but I strongly recommend getting good at web apps first, which don’t require any extra effort other than uploading your project to a website.

    I recommend starting by creating a project, then putting it on a website somewhere. It should run really well on mobile, and you won’t have to worry about jumping through the hoops required to publish to Apple or Google’s app stores.

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