Mobile Advert Rewarded Videos question, when to reward the user?

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  • When i show a Rewarded video to the player, what is the difference with the actions "On Video Canceled" and "On Video Completed", should i reward the user in both cases or only on Completed?

    Also another question, should i preload the ad only once at the begining of the game or should you preload every time you want to show a new ad (im talking interstitials and video rewards)

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  • If I had to guess I would say cancelled is when you X it or close the app instead of watching it to the end, and completed is when you watch the full video and reward the user.

    Second question is interesting. Test it out. If you create an ad, can you load it on other layouts? After the first time is it loading instantly? You can only create one of each ad type at a time. My guess would be when an ad is loaded and ready it is ready for the entire runtime.

  • I have not used many apps with Rewarded Videos so i don't know if you can even cancel Rewarded videos? From memory i think you cant?

    Also, im pretty sure that the answert to your second question is yes once it's loaded you can show it in any layout but i guess the correct question is, after it is shown, is it destroyed and you need to preload a new one?

  • Not sure as I tried to get reward ads working and came across a bug recently, I think it was in C3. Will try again soon and see if I can get them to work. I think they are on a timer though, so you watch for X seconds and then you are rewarded, possibly you can cancel watching it in that time and you don't receive the reward.

  • Yeah i now tried some games with rewarded ads and it work that way, when you try to cancel it you get a message warning you that you wont recive the reward if you cancel the video, so i guess that's what the "on video canceled" action is for

  • Great I thought it would be something like this :)

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