Mobile Advert black screen [SOLVED]

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  • Hi

    If i use Mobile Advert plugin i got a black screen (Android), but my game run perfectly without Mobile Advert plugin. How to fix this? or i miss some configuration?

    I checked "Test Mode" and leave all form blank.


    Update: i got black screen if i run this game using Android 5.1 emulator, but if i use actual android device, my game are working fine and ads are shown, both banner and interstitial.

  • Bump..

    Is Mobile Advert plugin really working?

    I create a blank project then export it to android, and working fine on my android device. But if i add Mobile Advert plugin, just got black screen on my device.

    Note: I not add any event.

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  • Hi,

    I have same problem, black screen after adding mobile ads plugin.

    I have tried with various settings, but nothing works.

    If I remove plugin, project is loading normally.

    I am trying to export my games to android since the beginning of the September, after each Construct 3 update, but always same black screen.

  • Could you try to make a new blank project and add the mobile advert plugins, using the same way you add mobile advert plugins in your origin project..

    Is it show the same black screen ?

    or could you provide a lil bit more information ? maybe screenshot piece of your event/code which related to mobile advert ?

    If there is nothing in your event sheet, could you screen shot your Mobile Advert's Properties panel after add it in the blank project ?

    What version of Construct 3 that you use to create that mobile advert ?

    what is your browser ?

    Maybe.. try clear all your browser cookies, and reload a fresh Construct 3 editor ?

    I just use mobile advert in my project, and it look normal.


  • Hi

    I already do this.

    Just blank project, without any event and object. And add Mobile Advert plugin without change or modify any properties.

    Previously i use r111 then i use r119, but still get a black screen on both version.

    I use C3 chrome, and C3 Desktop windows.

  • I have a game in development, adverts were working last time i checked (although this was about a month ago), I had a test of it yesterday and the adverts aren't working anymore.

    Havent re-exported the apk so could it be a google problem?

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