Minify Script on Mac : Sometimes works sometimes doesn't

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  • Hi there!

    I was testing out exporting in C3 and exported my bigger project for Mac with the setting "Minify Script" turned on. Unfortunately, it didn't run the exported game and only showed a black screen. When i turned the option off it worked. Now, i made a small project file using the one 3rd Party Addon currently in my project since i read, that those can sometimes cause the problem but it exported fine with Minify Script turned on.

    What other reasons can there be that Minify Script doesn't work?

  • If you're using the Physics behavior, there's a known issue with minifying. Otherwise please file a bug following all the guidelines.

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  • Ashley That must be it, i thought it might be more a problem of 3rd Party Addons but my main project has the physics behaviour in it. Any chances this will get fixed or is "fixable"?

    EDIT: One of the things that seem to go different with my project is, that instead of crashing or an error report or anything it just shows a black screen... I wanted to ask in general, since i'm at a stage with my game where i no longer feel comfortable to share the .c3p file publicly if i may send it to you via E-Mail in case you would like to take a look?

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