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  • I have a not huge, but not trivial project that I'm working on. When I try to export it to iOS with the JavaScript minifier on, it fails to run, but it seems to work fine with the minifier turned off. This is the iOS/Cordova Export -> Minify script checkbox. Otherwise, I'm just opening it up in XCode, setting the signing to my team, and hitting go. The app itself isn't doing anything too complicated (IMHO).

    I have tried isolating it, but all I've been able to do with the debugger is poke around a bit in Cordova's internals. I'm not super-interested in debugging the script minifier - that is rapidly is getting into an area of complexity I'm trying to avoid.

    I'm fine with emailing the project to Scirra for review, but I don't want to attach it to an open GitHub issue.

    Thoughts on the best way to approach...?

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  • If you use the Physics behavior, it's this bug. Otherwise please file a bug report; if you see the guidelines we generally don't want your whole project anyway, generally just creating a new project with the same plugins and behaviors is enough to reproduce a minify bug, and it should be easy to narrow it down further.

  • Thanks for the feedback - I was building projects with various plugins trying to isolate, and after running down a bit of a rabbit hole with LocalStorage I was starting to go a bit crazy.

    Yeah, it's almost certainly the Physics bug.

    Just throwing all of the plugins I'm using into a sample is excellent advice - will do next time!

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