Which method would be more efficient overall for my events?

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  • I have a game where the player will appear as different characters in different levels. I'm trying to be as efficient as possible in setting up the movements. I've attached an image of how I've got my initial sprite set up- should I do an entirely new set for each character (7 total)? Or should I just add each of the other 6 into this existing set of events as additional actions? OR is there a more efficient way that you can think of that I'm just missing?

    Thank you!

  • I usually append numbers to animations so you can use the same actions to control all of them. All characters and their animations are in the same sprite and named walk1, jump1, for character 2 walk2, jump2 and so on

    say you create a variable called select then target each animation as "walk"&select or "jump:&select

    For character 1 you would set variable select to 1, for character 2 set to 2 and so on

    It was suggested to me that one could use families for this too. Put all of your characters ( if each is different sprite ) into a family and then you can control all of them by using these same controls on the family.

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  • Great ideas! Thank you!

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