Messenger Games and Screen Resolutions

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Adjusting the game screen for different resolutions (Letterbox scale)
  • Before I started working on my Facebook Instant game I played a bunch of them on my laptop. They almost all had the same pixel dimensions: 503x894. So that's the resolution I chose for my game.

    Yesterday I played a couple of games on my iPad and almost all of them filled the screen in both portrait AND when rotated to landscape mode. I've skimmed the Facebook documentation and it looks like I can take advantage of "Fluid Layout" in the settings menu. Am I correct in assuming that this will handle the scaling for me? So I just need to make sure my aspect ratio is correct? Is that right?

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  • you can chose portrait or landscape in the console. this works for both mobile and desktop.

    unfortunately on Ipads the game rotates, very irritating. So either you can have a screen saying "turn your device into xxx mode" when they hold their ipad in the "wrong" orientation. or you design the game to work both ways...

    At least that is how I have found it working.

    regarding aspect ratio and resolution the same goes as for a normal mobile game, there are tutorials for it.

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