Mesh Poly collision does not go outside original bbox w/ Physics [fixed in next beta]

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  • First, thanks for the new Mesh ACEs for Sprite, it will definitely prove useful for new visual effects!

    In experimenting with setting absolute x and y mesh points, it appears that the collision polygon does not expand outside of the original bbox in the editor. I am hoping that this will be changed in the future. I do see the 'new' bbox is changed in the debug preview (to be larger than the original bbox), but the collision poly does not seem to also grow beyond the original bbox size.

    Looking for feedback on the design intent (and if need I can file a bug report.)

    Large bbox is setting mesh points outside original bbox, but collision poly remains around the size of the original bbox (small box picture.)

  • I imagine you might have to keep the bounding box for cell detection.

  • I just did a quick test, and the collision polygon always follows the mesh, even if it goes outside the original box. So it should be working.

  • Thanks Ashley for the info. I’ll keep testing and if it’s still not working for me, I will post to the github issue site with a sample project.

  • Ashley

    I did an experiment, it looks like the physics behavior collision box is not getting updated as a collision poly changes with updates to mesh points. I created an issue below w/ example project.

    For other collisions like between 8-dir behavior and solid, the collision box is updated.

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  • FYI for any following this, Ashley has fixed this and the fix will be in the beta release (after r219-2.)

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