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  • I know that there were many such topics, but I was tired of waiting. A year ago, the spriter announced mesh animation in a new version of its program. I bought it and thought that at the beginning of the year I would be able to learn how to create an animation mesh. I knew that the program will be raw and there will be bugs in it, but this is normal. But in the end, the program is actually empty. It can not work. And the development of the program is too slow.

    Meanwhile, there are other already completed programs that support mesh animation. (,, And there were even plugins for C2 for them.

    I really don't care what program to work with, the main thing is that it works and is compatible with the construct.

    Now C3 is developing well and began to support many new functions.

    Can we now get a working plug-in of any of these programs to complete the work? (I really liked 2dimensions). I think many people, including me, can donate to a person who will work on a plugin for C3. Perhaps we will need a certain amount that will need to dial for development. For example, R0J0hound 2 years ago imported a small 2dimensions animation into C2.

    What are the prospects for this plan for C3?

    p.s. mesh animation raises the quality of your games to a new level

  • Yes, we need mesh! :D

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  • I've asked, and it may not even be on the todo list, or a least very close to the bottom.

    The good news is that at least it's doable since C3 is exclusively WebGl.

    And there's this:

  • It seems that most people do not understand how much this option can improve the quality of the game. I am applying an example of a difficult game to develop. But this is what the construct should be able to do in 2019.

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