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  • Hi, my project has a sprite that has approximately 4 megabytes worth of images for its various animation frames. Four hundred 160x160 PNGs.

    Removing that sprite from a layout reduces the "estimated image memory" by 64 megabytes.

    1. Are there any optimization techniques to reduce the amount of RAM consumed?

    2. For a game that's intended to be played in a browser, what's a good maximum estimate peak memory usage?

    3. If I have a layout that requires more memory than is available, what would happen?

  • 1. No, reducing the file size does not reduce memory usage

    2. probably around 250 mb for mobile devices with 1gb of memory, but the "memory usage" reading in the debugger only accounts for video memory, not all the data the game is using

    3. lower end devices will crash the browser and possibly close it to free memory

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  • You may or may not already know this, but have that sprite sitting off screen at startup.

    If you try to load that during runtime, it'll have a heart attack, vs. having it preload on startup.

  • File size in a browser game affects loading time. But for memory usage the image dimensions in pixels are critical. So if there is a lot of transparent space around the image, cropping it will reduce memory usage.

    What is the maximum memory usage in your game? You can see it if you right click on the project name, select Tools, Project Statistics.

    My estimation that if it's under 1GB, it should be fine for a browser game.

  • If you try to load that during runtime, it'll have a heart attack, vs. having it preload on startup.

    Interesting, I thought everything for all layouts was loaded during the loader layout, minus stuff that got created during runtime. Good to know, thanks for all the input.

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